Bob and his family

Bob and his family


It’s time to run government like business.

Our county must continually strive for increased efficiency and forward planning.  Every business in this country is working towards these traits, and every business owner knows this is what we need for success and growth.

Bob Lucey is not a career politician.  Bob is a Nevada businessman who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and put in long hours to balance a budget. He took the recession head-on, opening a business in 2011 and creating 30 jobs in our community. Bob doesn’t just talk about creating jobs and growing our economy – Bob is leader who has done it.

Bob Lucey is a 5th generation Nevadan running for re-election to Washoe County Commission, District 2. Washoe County needs leaders with business experience who know how to manage a budget. Bob is a leader who can take Washoe County’s budget head-on and help improve government efficiency.

Born and raised in Northern Nevada, Bob knows our community, has seen it through good and tough times and is committed to strengthening Washoe County and Northern Nevada for the future. He attended Galena High School and the University of Nevada, Reno before following his true passion for business. In 2006, Bob jumped into Washoe County’s real estate industry, helping Nevadans find homes, and then specializing in commercial real estate. Since then, Bob followed his heart and opened Advanced Pet Care in July 2011 in one of his vacant properties. Combining his business experience and love of animals, his veterinary clinic is one of the highest rated in Washoe County and currently employs 30 of our friends and neighbors. He is now running for his second term as Washoe County Commissioner.

Bob’s greatest strength is working with people. As a lifelong Nevadan, a business owner and a community leader, Bob knows that our community’s greatest asset is its people. As County Commissioner, Bob continues his commitment to supporting our local small businesses and ”cutting the bureaucratic red tape”. He knows it is businesses and entrepreneurs who create jobs in Washoe County and Northern Nevada.